How To Reduce Bounce Rate?

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It wouldn’t be much of a shock to you if I told you that the average visitor to your website wouldn’t read the content of your blog but just the title. In fact, according to a study by Human Oriented Technology Lab, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canadait is noted that the average visitor will take just about 50 milliseconds to judge your blog. But we need to reduce the bounce rate.

Bloggers have a tiny window to entice the visitor to stay or navigate the website. So, they need to resort to tried and true methods that are used by the marketers of big brands. They need to incite an emotional response in the visitor, which stands true for making a buying decision from a website.

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Consumers want integrity, a sense of satisfaction, transparency from the seller, and a solution to their problems. As per the millisecond study mentioned above, it is a rather good thing. The consumers today are a lot more informed than before and will sense the underlying agenda of a website a click away.


 The design makes the first impression


94% of the first impression are design related. According to a study


done by health associated sites, the information presented on the website provides a sense of trust to the consumer. The research says the look and feel of the website influenced the first impression the most.

The consumers complained about the busy designing of a website, complicated navigation, too much text, and dreary web design.


The study found that the design aesthetics of the website was leaving a stronger impression on the user. It was not the content on the site. Actually, only 6 % of the people complained about the quality of the material.

So, now it is understood that the bad design of a website will drive your customers away, and you will lose your window of buying their trust.


How to make an excellent first impression with your web design?


1.   Go for a unique web design


Now imagine you going down the lane and you see a car pass by you. Just regular simple guy driving cars. You wouldn’t even care because you see them every day.


Again imagine the same scenario of you walking down the lane but a dog driving a car passes by your side. You turn around to have a clear glimpse of it. Maybe take a picture with him.


Similarly, Google is the one ranking the websites, but it crawls millions of websites every day. To grab Google’s attention, your website needs to be unique to be listed higher than the average. You have to have something which others don’t.


Brand identity is not just the brand image but many other things. For an e-commerce website, brand identity is the navigation of products on his website, presentation, regular updating, and security logo.

If your website is not indistinguishable from other websites, why would Google rank you or people stay at your site than any other place?


2.   Insert elements which entice or inspire the customers


A study shows that if a visitor is inspired the first time he visits the website, he might end up buying something from the site. Maybe not then but later.


If you have followed the first step and held the person on your site for a more extended period, there is a good chance the person will buy something from the site whenever they need something.


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Are you able to sell what he consumer wants? If someone is willing to develop an app, why not insert pictures that showcase what the company can offer. Put in pictures of functional app layouts, which might entice the customer to contact you for their task.

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The user should find more reasons to engage with your site. Make sure to check the picture, the content, and usability of the website, which may inspire the visitor to stay on the website.


3.   Keep it minimalist and organized


The visitors don’t mind scrolling a website. If some of your post or page attracts the attention of the visitor, then it is confident he will scroll down or navigate with it.


If people find your website too complicated or if navigation within site is involved, then most of them may leave immediately. They won’t waste time to understand the other contents or usability of that website. Don’t hide info from the customer.


Don’t add hidden terms and conditions or lie about your services and products. The customer should not run into a dead end. There should at least be a customer support chat or contact details, which will make them feel comfortable too buy from your website.


Easy navigation within the website is essential. If a customer searches for a product, then he/she should reach that product quickly. Put in time-sensitive promotions or discounts in general too interest the visitors into buying something.


Put in freebies and offers for first-time buys. Everyone likes discounts and benefits.




In conclusion, everything relies on the first impression of the customer. The first impression is the last – key to reduce bounce rate.


Hold the attention of the viewer with your excellent and unique looking website, then when they move to the content, hold their attention with quality, engaging content, and then gain the trust of the customer with proper navigation, support, and usability.


If you are not following these guidelines, then your website will be forgotten in the digital cosmos, just like many other websites trying to outrun their competitors in the market.



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