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True Leaf Tech has earned great recognition by delivering a diverse portfolio of mobile applications on multiple platforms. We specializes in designing, developing and delivering B2B or internal-use and B2C customer centric apps. We never compromise on user experience and also ensure that once your new app is delivered to you, our team is on-hand, if required, to help you market the app so that you can reach your desired target audience and drive downloads and usage.With years of experience in the industry, we will continue to create dynamic solutions for our clients’ needs.You let us know your requirements, needs and concern for you mobile app; we will advise you on the best approach based on our past experience and current app trend. Our team will walk you through the whole app development process.

Cost Effective IPhone App Solution

Our elite team is composed of the most sophisticated iPhone app designers and developers in the world hailing from Top Universities and Organization, who craft visually stunning iPhone apps. We make sure that every pixel is in its rightful place, creating crisp, clean, and functional designs. The results we produce for our clients always exceed expectations and exponentially increase brand awareness. There’s a reason we are considered best-in-class for iPhone app design.Find out what sets pro agencies apart from rookie shops.

We bring this holistic thinking to each client using a team of specialists. There’s nothing we can’t do between our offices in Dubai, UAE and Kolkata, India While we make all kinds of apps, our specialty is in the kind that do something rather than sell something. We want our apps to become an essential part of users’ daily lives. Apps like FinesseMobi, Grocery Mantra ,eCharity, Warby Parker, Vision Asia

IOS App Development process

App Idea​

We combine your ideas and concepts to build a strong infrastructure for your app.​


We initiate your app with a well-defined strategy and a diverse plan to maximise the output.

App Design

Designs are the first impression of your users when the access the app. We create stunning flat designs for your mobile application.

App Launch

Your iOS app will be on its way to the App Store for deployment once it has passed the rigorous testing and analysis phase.

App Testing

Our app geeks ensure your app works flawlessly and bug-free with our quality assurance process.


We create a robust architecture for your app combining it with scalability and use APIs, swift and objective-c programming to ensure a seamless performance of the mobile app.

How We Design

Our app designers are perceptive to our clients’ needs, whether it be a simple color scheme or a dynamic visual experience. They never work alone, though. The design conversation begins with rigorous analysis of the underlying assumptions you have about the market. Product strategists look at how your idea will change the landscape. Each of the stakeholders offer ongoing feedback through our agile development process, resulting in the best possible product. Our extensive team of developers and strategists work in concert to make sure that the designs seamlessly integrate with their intended functions.

Our IOS app developers are proficient in IOS SDK, JDK, JSP and SQLite domains. Our focus is to bring your business to the next level and ensure the android application is user-friendly for your end users.

Extensive Functional Modules

We have built many apps and accumulated an extensive library of unique features – an efficient and cost effective rapid development

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300% Conversion

Mobile app increases visitor traffic by 300%

Mobile Searchers

Mobile Searches are constantly on the lookout for new products and services!

Converting Visitors

App Designs aimed at converting live visitors into leads.

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