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 Over the years one sector which held its head high is eCommerce. Globally eCommerce is on the rise and more and more companies are focusing their business into the eCommerce solutions arena. When planning to start an eCommerce venture, the first thing to decide on is the eCommerce website architecture. Choosing architecture is dependent on your needs. Basically it is based on your functionality needs, the budget and technology resources available. Before leaping into the business let us take a look at which architecture is best suited for your eCommerce service.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which the software is licensed on a subscription basis and applications are hosted and managed in a service provider’s data centre which is accessed via a browser over an internet connection.

If you are a small business with a small product selection, SaaS architecture would be a better option to choose. In a SaaS, the software and data are hosted in the cloud. The main advantages of using SaaS is its smaller initial investment. Please find our extensive blog here to know the pros and cons of using SaaS in eCommerce development and implementation.

Inability to add custom functionality is the main disadvantage of using SaaS.


If you have to add your eCommerce solutions to an existing site, you can try the hybrid architecture. A hybrid is a combination of custom built and SaaS. In hybrid, your eCommerce site uses SaaS while other functionalities are custom built and hosted separately with integration done through a common header and footer.

Hybrid combines the lower initial investment of SaaS and ability to have custom functionality on the website. The main disadvantage is that, you have to maintain multiple systems and the inability to differentiate your eCommerce solution from your competition.


Custom Build

A custom build is a software platform on which all the functionalities are built as per our requirements. This gives more function and control.

This architecture offers total control of the site and functionality; there is no limit for creative execution and the platform can be re-purposed later for mobile sites and applications. It also can use custom functionality to differentiate from the competition. The main disadvantage is that, it costs significant initial investment.

This is an overview of the basic approaches to the eCommerce architecture. However every situation may require specific attention and different approaches. Hence it is always suggested to learn more about the uniqueness of your service and choose accordingly.

eCommerce has totally altered the procedure of web based shopping and has changed the manner in which customers buy their products and enterprises on the website. It helps purchasers, venders and end clients to interface with one another regardless of their land nearness and offers the correct stage to embrace your products and ventures on the website. Today, e-Commerce website development has revolutionized the way companies are doing business.


Why ecommerce web development:-

According to the pattern there is no better method to make income and to manufacture brand picture than picking eCommerce web development interfaces. Business houses are deciding on online stores since it causes them from various perspectives as referenced beneath.

(1) With online eCommerce stores there is no need of business associations to have physical stores at each spot.

(2) eCommerce stages gives simple opportunity to the business association to expand their compass to clients who are not ready to visit their physical store.

(3) Marketing turns out to be exceptionally simple for the organization and they get progressively faithful and rehashed clients.


(4) It gives the client a comfort to purchase their preferred items from any side of the world just by barely any snaps.

(5) eCommerce web development offers alternative to the entrepreneurs to think about the enthusiasm of the client and utilizing this data it turns out to be simple for them to persuade the purchasers by giving ideas in their intrigued things.


 eCommerce website Feature:-

The achievement of numerous sites is dictated by not just the items offered and how well the site is advertised, yet in addition by the highlights the site offer both the client and the site proprietor. As an entrepreneur, it is significant that you have the apparatuses to deal with your site and that the regulatory highlights fit with your business forms. For instance, in the event that you offer installment terms to your client, you’ll should be certain the stage you’re utilizing enables you to set a credit limit for a client.

·         Content administration capacities

·         Advancement and rebate code apparatuses

·         A simple to-utilize checkout

·         Web crawler advanced code and design

·         Revealing apparatuses

·         A coordinated blog or articles area

·         Email showcasing coordination

·         Numerous installment choices (Credit card, PayPal, PO, Terms, and so on.)

·         The capacity to scale up with your foundation


 Advantage OF eCommerce:-

eCommerce website is otherwise called online business that comprises of the buying and selling of items or administrations through electronic frameworks like PC systems and the Internet. In this cutting edge universe of innovationPsychology Articles, web based business is turning into an extremely huge alternative for some organizations as there are bunches of organizations that are keen on building up their eCommerce online stores.

·         Quick Go-to-Market Time. …

·         Minimal effort. …

·         Customers Start Online. …

·         Client Data Insights. …

·         Arrive at New Customers. …

·         Content Marketing Strategy. …

·         Serve Niche Markets. …

·         Meet Customers Where They Want to Buy.

·         Involve Warranty Information

·         Diminishing expense of stock Management

·         Ability

·         Watch out for Consumers’ Buying Habit:

·         Enable Happy Customers to Sell Your Products

·         Selling Products Across the World



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