Why startups in Dubai need to invest in Digital Marketing?


A Digital Marketing Agency is a large business in itself. It is a significant business around the world, and it is another of the hot STM business in the UAE. 


Dubai is one of the best places in the world right now to set up businesses because of its continually growing economy, no personal tax, corporate, capital tax or VAT, anonymity is guaranteed, and foreign ownership is allowed. 



There is no doubt in the fact that everyone wants to do business in Dubai, it being the business capital of the entire Middle East. But some questions are bound to be asked. 


How do you stand-out among all the new startups? 


How do Do you get your company noticed by the investors or the public?


Excellent Digital Marketing Strategies. Many new businesses are set up every year, but very few companies can stand the test of time. The primary reason for these businesses to fail is lousy marketing strategies. The common factor in the marketing strategy of all the established companies in Dubai is digital Marketing.


UAE the business sector is hosting a global level business expo in 2020, where nearly 190 countries are going to take part which is the best time for these startups who are willing to take part in it to know about digital marketing techniques.


Digital Marketing Strategies –


There are many strategies under the full spectrum of digital marketing in the market.

Businesses don’t require all the marketing strategies available but use the most effective one. The companies should follow the plan, which are the most adequate for them according to their target audience and gets the best reach in the market. 


A digital marketing agency will help you pick the necessary steps to ensure that your budget is used effectively over the correct target audience.


Startups should follow the strategies for digital marketing:


1. Social Media Marketing –


 Social media marketing is getting in touch with the audience to promote a brand, increasing sales, and increase traffic to your website through social media platforms.

SMM consists of posting content on social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat), custom made media ads which attract the attention of the followers and doing media advertisement. 


There are special programs and reach campaigns which help companies to maximize sales through social platforms.

Buffer is a stage of media management applications, which may enable you to reach your media marketing. Whether you wish to build a brand or expand your company, we would like to assist you to succeed.


2. SEO –


 SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is working on the content of a website to make it more search engine compatible, making the content or website get better SERP scores. Better SERP scores translate to better internet visibility to the customers online. SEO translates into the organic search results and does not affect the paid traffic through internet ads.


Search engine Optimizing include writing articles which include the keywords the audience is searching the internet, making the site content fast loading and modifying the HTML codes to rank better in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Promoting a website or inbound hyperlinks is just another search engine optimization strategy.


3. Google Ads – 


Google Ads or Google AdWords, is an advertising program offered by Google. Here the advertisers can focus on particular keywords to list in the Google search results.

Google Ads provide a google ads market where the advertiser can bid on specific keywords which they want to advertise. Google charges Keywords as per the clicks they get them, and they have to pay for the cost-per-click. 


4. Website Ads-


Publish your company on Google through Ads to individuals when they hunt for products of companies that you provide. Google started displaying paid Ads above the results on the search results page. The amount of paid advertisers have gone up, and Google increased the amount of paid Ads well. 


So, a lot of men and women who hunt on Google might not scroll down to find the outcomes but may navigate by clicking on the Ads. Considering the companies in UAE are web savvy, a good number of them are already on Google Search Ads, and that is a good reason that you think Google Search Ads as a digital marketing and advertising plan to the startup in Dubai.


5. Content Marketing –


Content promotion involves posting of certain relevant and valuable content on the website, which will attract the specifically defined target audience, which drives profitable clients to buy from the business. 


Content-driven marketing strategy involves all the media which are related to the purchasing a process like printed media, blogs, in-house, cellular media etc. which helps to retain the loyalty of your already existing customers and include several purchasing classes. 


Advertising is similar to what media firms do except that instead of paid articles or sponsorship for a measure of success, brands define achievement by selling products or services.


6. Internet Influencer/celebrity Marketing –


Influencer marketing is a marketing effort involving an internet-famous celebrity who can advertise for you. It is like a celebrity endorsement merged with content-driven advertising. The differentiator in the instance of influencer advertising is the outcomes of the collaborations between brands and influencers.


7. Retargeting & Remarketing –


Retargeting converts window-shoppers to buyers. 2% of shoppers convert to an internet shop to the initial trip. Another 98% are brought back by retargeting—retargeting functions by keeping track and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they

see websites online.


Remarketing is a means to get in touch with individuals who interacted with your site or program that is cellular. It helps you to remind the people who are already navigating your products or googling an associate site and raising brand awareness among them. I remember the audiences to spend on your website.



8. Email Marketing –

 email marketing

Advertising is the action of sending a message, typically using email. When putting – email marketing is sending emails regarding your services or products to a prospective customer. It entails using email to send advertisements, ask the organization, or solicit sales or donations. Marketing approaches want to achieve at least one of three principal aims to build loyalty, confidence, or brand awareness. The term describes sending email messages with the goal of improving a retailer’s connection promoting customer loyalty and repeat business, obtaining new clients or convincing customers to buy a thing immediately, and sharing third-party ads.


9. Conversion Oriented Landing Pages –


You might have assembled a fantastic site with loads of advice. While providing a great deal of help is a good thing and assists on SEO, your readers can become lost among plenty of information. Instead of calling one to avail the services, they maintain reading some things and get lost, which is a problem we’ve seen with sites of Dubai startups. An oriented landing page with Call to Action elements may boost the conversion chance and bring you to achieve. Be sure to pay attention, if you’re starting a company today. Your site follows the best methods for your conversion that is very best.




Summing up, we can see that all the tips mentioned above don’t just apply to the new startups in Dubai but all other budding businesses across UAE. The Startups need to take steps to stay relevant or perish under the flow of new companies in the UAE. You can tweak the tips as per your needs after consulting you digital marketing experts depending on your scale of business.


Make changes to the marketing strategy as per your competitors and your target the audience, local laws, the dominant digital platform in your region etc.

A well-established digital marketing firm like Trueleaftech can help you with all the needs of the task concerned. Follow the necessary steps provided by the firm after counselling your business before you invest in a digital marketing plan to secure the best result.




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