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At TrueLeafTech Solution we provided localized support in .We are the leading data and analytics partner for global enterprises and organizations that want to align business with data driven opportunities and need an end to end process from planning to actionable insights. we make collaborative efforts to bring order to your Big Data while our team of senior-level consultants helps in implementing the technologies required to manage and understand your data, enabling you to predict customer demand and make better decisions at the right time.

Analyzing your business challenges well, we offer you the strategic guidance needed to succeed, leveraging the power of data you accumulate, to your advantage.

With a rich heritage from information management and analytics, we know how to design and build planning and analytics services that make businesses more agile.

We provide you with the most sophisticated cloud based services that keep your analytics related costs in control while empowering your business with analytics insights.

Let us prove you our value. With most of our customers, we have been able to provide first results in matter of weeks, even in some cases in matter of days.

Real Time Data Streaming

(Scoreboard, Sharemarkets, Live Streaming)

Real time Data streaming allows big data to become all the more effective, with the benefits going beyond more efficient business operations

It ensures improved e-Commerce, faster analysis of mobile apps data, system monitoring for efficiency and a lot more.

It enables businesses to keep track of the actions of their customers, mainly as they visit a website. Meanwhile, the need for real time data streaming will go up as the Internet of Things (IoT) gets prominent.


Stream Data Instantly to Millions Users

Stream data and signal any device in real-time

Live Video & on Demand Streaming Solutions

Real-time messages to a huge user base

Unicast Stream by dedicated channel

Real Time Reporting Solutions

Real-time reporting is determined by the speed at which information changes and when it is available for the user to manipulate. If you require to know how many products have been sold in a minute, then real-time system proves to be effective.

It’s challenging to provide data in real-time for organizations which are keen on maximizing the value of their application and business intelligence investments without impacting the performance of operational systems.

The reporting tools enable rock-solid real time reporting and they are effective in creating reports & dashboards, analyze data using drag & drop, apply robust filters & functions while also supporting local, remote, or cloud data.


Business Results & insights sharing

Decision Reporting & Query Handling

Mobile Workforce Reporting

Unified Enterprise Reporting

Quickly view and report data in real-time using drag & drop

Real Time Chart & Dashboards

It’s essential for businesses these days to gain actionable insights from constantly produced data in real-time. In such scenarios dash boarding proves to be greatly helpful as dashboards allow you to save, share and communicate insights.

These Real Time Chart & Dashboards allow Data to be visualized in real time. You simply need to point your chart to a data source, set a refresh rate and start monitoring your data in real time.

We allow you to create a data analytics dashboard with just a single chart and then add to it as required. You can quickly build, edit, filter, and delete dashboards; move and resize them; and then share them or integrate them within your web application.


Access vast amounts of data in real-time

Assemble & organize BI content

Easy-to-manage & Define protocols

Data-driven Decision Management

Assign Interactive Dashboards

Assign Dashboards to Multiple Audience

Real Time Tracking & Monitoring

(Texi, Logistic)

Real Time Tracking & Monitoring allows you to track the assets and the people in an easier manner. It helps business owners and fleet managers secure, monitor and deploy their vehicles for maximum benefit.

To track vehicles 24/7, we install a tracking device with transmitter using GPS, AGPS, GSM and GPRS. This offers both communication as well as geo-positioning capabilities between the vehicle and our state-of-the-art control room.

Get innovative solutions for instantaneous location, tracking, and management of supply-chain resources. Personalized and confidential tracking programs are designed that deters internal and external fraud.


Real Time Presence Detection

Monitor user and machine presence in real-time

Fleet Tracking & Management Solutions

Technologies we use

Technologies we use

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