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We’ve been crafting innovative, award-winning apps for organizations like the NFL Player’s Association and PBS since 2009.

In faced paced world creating mobile app opens up the avenue to reach out to customer on the go.Study has shown that mobile conversion is 2X compared to offline and desktop and customer can opt to get your services whenever they want, wherever they are. And to reach your business using mobile application, you need to hire professional android app developers, who are well aware of the programming environment and the requirements of the Google Play Store. Here at Trueleaftech, our team of experts are all set to deliver your dream app based on your specific requirements and constraints.

Between the apps we’ve built, industry talks, blog, media appearances and other resources, we’ve helped thousands of people ship successful apps since the dawn of the play stores. From product strategy to design, development, and even app marketing, Trueleaftech is a trusted partner for names like eCharity, Foreign Policy Magazine,New Tea Tv & Free Movies, Kiplinger and many more.

How We Work

Our Process

At TrueLeafTech, we’re all involved. From the start of a new app to launch, each of our core disciplines have eyes on the product. We work closely together and iterate quickly, making sure the right hand knows what the left is doing. The result is a polished, world-class app experience.


Brainstorming, ideating, researching, and prioritizing.


Planning, architecting, designing, and developing.


Listening, assessing, learning, and optimizing.


Launching, marketing, acquiring, and distributing.

Benefits of Android App Development with Trueleaftech

Low Cost in the Dubai

Our year of experience and Android being an open source and free platform, the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) can be leveraged to create and revise as many applications desired saving time and costs.

Best in Class and Creative Design

We are experts in Android apps in Dubai <Dynamic City> providing highly customizable and easy to handle. We provide offers graphic design which are awesome, taking into consideration their intuitive and attractive graphic design. The android app development platform provides high level support for creating 2D and 3D graphics which increases traffic to your app.

Easy Approvals

Android apps don’t need to go through any stringent approval process before making their way into the Play Store.

We support Multiple Sales Channel Distribution

Apart from being launched in Google Play, Android apps can also be distributed to any third party marketplaces, your own website or in an Android Package Kit (APK file). This allows you to reach out to a larger section of audience and increase your market penetration.

High Return on Investment

Since Android’s SDK is free, the cost to develop an android app can be reduced to a specific point and revenues can be generated through in-app purchases, subscriptions, ads, etc.

Reach out to Large Audience

With the increasing number of people owning smartphones every day, this literally increases the demand for Android app development.


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Why Mobile App?

300% Conversion

Mobile app increases visitor traffic by 300%

Mobile Searchers

Mobile Searches are constantly on the lookout for new products and services!

Converting Visitors

App Designs aimed at converting live visitors into leads.

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